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Healthcare Call Center Services Since 2012

Reliable and HIPAA-Certified Communication Solutions for Healthcare

Since 2012, Statlinx is a dependable solution for handling patient and practice communication. We realize that most medical practices are designed with patient care as the priority. However, major practices must coordinate between various medical staff and even more patients – that’s where Statlinx comes in. We take on the task of running a call center so that our clients can focus on providing their patients with the best quality of care possible.

Brand Promise:

  • Connect
  • Focus
  • Deliver

Core Values:

  • Dependable as the Sun
  • Make Mama Proud
  • We Play for Each Other
  • Knock Their Socks Off

Statlinx Healthcare Call Center Solutions

Staff & Service

We know healthcare, because we only deal with healthcare

Our entire staff is HIPAA certified and trained on major healthcare systems such as EPIC and NextGen. Each one of our Member Care Representatives is dedicated to providing exceptional call management services to any medical professional or patient that reaches our phone lines. Our services are offered nationwide, ensuring that doctors and hospitals can provide effective and efficient care from coast to coast.

Anything that can come across your front desk, we can handle

While our sweet spot is scheduling appointments, our agents are experts at fielding any type of phone call. Every single one of your calls will be handled professionally and expediently. All of our agents are trained constantly, and every member of our team continually strives for perfection resulting in incredible service to our members. With Statlinx, healthcare professionals are provided with premium-quality call center services using state-of-the-art digital communications technology. From single, private practice, doctors to large hospital-based facilities, our best-in-class services ensure that no matter what the size of your office, you can rest easy knowing Statlinx is handling your calls.