Established in 2012, Statlinx has been offering specialized communication management solutions in the healthcare sector, aimed at streamlining interactions between medical staff and their patients. Our range of services encompasses appointment scheduling, adaptable to various healthcare organizations with multilingual and flexible operational hour support, and integration with existing or web-based systems.

We also provide prior authorization services to manage the complexities of healthcare authorization processes, including insurance verifications and follow-ups. Additionally, Statlinx handles high call volumes through rollover services during peak times and offers after-hour call support for urgent patient needs outside regular business hours. Our staff, HIPAA certified and trained in systems like EPIC and NextGen, ensures efficient and professional call management nationwide, catering to both small private practices and large hospital-based facilities.

Statlinx Appointment Scheduling

Appointment Scheduling

Statlinx Prior Authorization

Prior Authorization

Statlinx Rollover and After-hour Services

Rollover and After-Hour Call Services

We deliver effective and efficient communication solutions that
allow our physicians to stay connected to the people who need them.

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