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Customer Support Services for Healthcare in Hospitals

Specialized Support Services for Healthcare Efficiency in Hospitals

Appointment Scheduling

Statlinx provides appointment scheduling services suitable for various healthcare organizations. Our service includes handling scheduling in multiple languages and accommodating different operational hours. Integration with existing appointment systems or the use of a web-based scheduling solution is available.

Prior Authorization Services

Statlinx offers post-authorization services to handle the complexities of healthcare authorization. This includes managing insurance verifications, authorization submissions, and follow-ups, with the aim of reducing delays in patient care due to administrative procedures.


To manage high call volumes, Statlinx offers rollover services. During peak times or when in-house staff is unavailable, calls are transferred to our team to maintain patient support..

After-Hour Call Handling

Statlinx also provides after-hour call services, supporting patients outside of regular business hours, including nights, weekends, and holidays. This service is focused on addressing urgent patient needs, only contacting you when absolutely necessary.

Experienced Call Center

We can handle all of your administrative calls. Whether it is a patient asking to confirm an appointment or a doctor trying to track down lab results, our team is trained to respond to any call they receive, at any time.