Products & Services

Experienced Answering Service

At Statlinx, we can handle the majority of your administrative calls whether during office hours or after hours. We can act as the first point of contact with your practice 24-hours a day, all year round. We are ready to ride out hurricanes, snowstorms and anything else that might create an unforeseen office closure. Whether it is a patient asking to confirm an appointment or a doctor trying to track down lab results, our team is trained respond to any call they receive, at any time, and find the right solution.

Appointment Scheduling

Statlinx will allow your staff to focus on more urgent tasks while reducing the number of incoming and outgoing calls. We understand how packed a doctor’s schedule can become, so let us organize it for you. We make sure to schedule appointments to the right departments and physicians, as well as communicating all the necessary patient information so that there is no delay when it comes time for healthcare. Boost your office productivity and efficiency levels – we’ll fill up your calendar, so you only need to worry about the care and comfort of your patients.

Appointment Confirmation

Are you using an automated system to call them at night? Is it working? Is it really HIPAA compliant or is it leaving PHI on household answering machines? Even worse, is your staff taking on the burden of reminding your patients during working hours? Are you getting through? Do you have the time for these calls?

Trust us, there’s a better way to do business. Let our call center staff handle the confirmation calls for you, ensuring your clients show up while your staff can tend to more important matters. Not only will we confirm those who will be there, but we can reschedule those who can’t.

Urgent Messaging

When anyone makes a phone call, there is an underlying sense of urgency– you need to get some information quickly so that you can handle your own work. When your calls are handled by Statlinx, you can be certain that your message is our immediate priority. Our team incorporates your staff’s schedules to make sure we know who to contact first and how they can be reached. No matter who you need to call, our team will make sure you get connected to whoever you’re looking for, as fast as possible.

COVID Approach

With the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic changing the way medical practices approach healthcare, we are dedicated to adapting just as quickly and offer adjusted answering services to work around any obstacles that have risen as a result. We offer COVID screening and test scheduling to tackle any bottlenecks due to the pandemic.